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btcc seat?Sport in the United Kingdom 联合王国英国的体育

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   The leading body forphysical education in the United Kingdom is the Association forPhysical Education.

In 2006 the UK School Gameswas established by the Youth Sport Trust as an annual sportingcompetition for elite school age athletes in the UK, and for 2008was expanded to include nine sports over fourdays.

In addition to the many ofthe sports already mentioned, popular sports at junior levelinclude netball and rounders, both of which are played almostentirely by girls. However, in recent times schoolgirls haveincreasingly played sports which are traditionally male, especiallyfootball, but also others such as rugby.

Sports culture is strongerin independent schools in the United Kingdom, and these schoolscontribute disproportionate numbers of elite competitors in almostall sports with the exceptions of football, rugby league, boxingand perhaps athletics.

Sport is compulsory for allstudents up to the age of sixteen, but the amount of time devotedto it is often small. There are frequent 其实Unitedcomplaints that statesector schools do too little to encourage sport and a healthylifestyle. Since the 1980s it has become a cliché to complain aboutsales of school playing fields for development.


Apart from a couple ofOxbridge events, student sport has a very low profile in the UnitedKingdom. While universities have significant sports facilities,there is no system of sports scholarships. However students who areelite standard competitors are eligible for funding from bodiessuch as UK Sport on the same basis as anyone else. The universitymost focused on sports provision is Loughborough University.Budding professionals in the traditionally working class teamsports of football and rugby league rarely go to university.Talented youngsters in the more middle class sports of cricket andrugby union are far more likely to attend university, but theirsports clubs usually play a greater role in developing their talentthan their university coaches. Some sports are attempting to adaptto new conditions in which a far higher proportion of Britishteenagers attend university than in the past, notably cricket,which has established several university centres ofexcellence.


inAnillustrated guide to Scottish football grounds

Anillustrated guide to English football grounds

A websitewith details of UK stadia


In the United Kingdom thereis no indoor sport capable of attracting five-figure attendances ona regular basis, and this restricts the development of large indoorarenas. Nonetheless a number of 10,000+ seater arenas have beenbuilt in recent years and more are planned. These facilities makemost of their income from pop concerts, but they occasionally stageboxing matches and other sportin你知道火币网如何交易g events. The largest is now The O2in London with a capacity of over 20,000, surpassing the formerleader, the Manchester Evening News Arena in Manchester. TheNational Ice Centre in Nottingham, Odyssey Arena in Belfast and theSheffield Arena all hos对比一下poloniex使用教程t ice hockey, the largest being theSheffield Arena which holds in the region of 8,500 spectators.Several smaller arenas hosting ice hockey and basketball are foundaround the United Kingdom though these generally hold only a fewthousand fans.


Two more indoor velodromesare planned: A 6,000 seater arena as part of the 2012 SummerOlympics比特币算力交易 in London and a 2,500 seater venue as part of the 2014Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

There are several outdoorvelodromes for track cycle racing in the UK with Herne Hill inLondon being the only venue from the 1948 Olympics still inoperation. There are also 2 indoor velodromes including one inNewport and a 3,500 seater velodrome in Manchester that also servesas the headquarters of British Cycling.


There are 60 racecourses inGreat Britain, with two more in Northern Ireland (the sport isgoverned on an all-Ireland basis). The best of them are worldclass. For example Ascot Racecourse was redeveloped in 2005 and2006 at a cost of £185 million.


The provision of athleticsstadiums in the United Kingdom is very poor compared to most otherdeveloped countries. The main reason for this is that it isseat notconsidered acceptable to ask football or rugby fans to sit behindan athletics track. This means that athletics stadiums have to beseparately financed and this can only be done with public funds,which have not been forthcoming on a large scale. The largestathletics stadium built in the UK since the Secon医疗链钱包下载手机版d World War, the38,000-capacity City of Manchester Stadium built for the 2002Commonwealth Games, was reconfigured for football-only use afterthat event. The largest existing stadium is the 25,000 seat DonValley Stadium in Sheffield. London's largest athletics venue isCrystal Palace, which has just 15,500 permanent seats. It will besuperseded by the Olympic Stadium, which will be built as an 80,000seater for the 2012 Summer Olympics. The stadium was set to betaken over by West Ham United F.C. after the Games, with a reducedcapacity of 60,000 (and with the track remaining in p听听seatlace), butthat decision was overturned amid a legal battle, and thepost-Games use of the stadium was reopened for bidding. Regardlessof the final outcome, the stadium will retain its track;accordingly, the Olympic Stadium won the right to host the 2017World Championships in Athletics.


The United Kingdom has manyworld class golf courses which can accommodate crowds in the tensof thousands for tournaments. The greatest concentration of theseis in Scotland. The Open Championship is always played over a linkscourse, the most famous venue being the Old Course at St Andrews onthe east coast of Scotland. The Belfry in the English Midlands hashosted the Ryder Cup more times than any other site. Wentworth Clubnear London was once the only venue which hosted two European Tourevents each s听听比特币英语eason, but it now hosts only one.


Rugbyunion and rugby league clubs are generally poorerthan their football counterparts. Some clubs have good all seatergrounds inSport the 10,000-25,000 capacity range; some have oldergrounds which are still partly terraced, and others play incouncil-owned joint-use stadia (e.g. the KC Stadium). Some clubsrent stadia from football clubs.

Club rugbygrounds

English cricket grounds aresmaller than the largest in some other countries, especially Indiaand Australia, but the best of them have been modernised to a highstandard, and two new international grounds have been built inrecent years. The largest English cricket ground, Lord's in London,is internationally regarded as the "home ofcricket".


British football grounds arealmost always football-only facilities in which the spectators areclose to the action. Since the late 1980s there has been a dramaticspurt of reconstruction and replacement of league grounds, which isongoing, and the Premiership's facilities are among the best of anysports league. As of early 2007 there are approximately 35all-seater club grounds in England with a capacity of 25,000 ormore, and three in Scotland. The largest is Manchester United's OldTrafford, which has a capacity of over 76,000 and the most recentlybuilt football stadia in the Premier League include the EmiratesStadium and the City of Manchester Stadium.

Club footballgrounds

看看liqui交易所乌克兰WindsorPark (Northern Ireland football team and Linfield F.C.). Owned byLinfield and rented to the Irish Football Association national teammatches.

HampdenPark (Queen's Park F.C. the building is owned by Queen's Park butalso contains the offices for Scotland's national team.)52,000.

Murrayfield (Scotland rugby union team and Edinburgh Rugby, aprofessional club team in the same sport) 67,000.

学会比特币mt.goxMillennium Stadium (Wales rugby union and football teams)75,000.

Twickenham (England rugby union team; occasionally used for majorclub matches, notably the London Double Header)82,000.

Lord's(England cricket team, Middlesex County team) 32,000. Lord's iswidely referred to as the "home of cricket" and is home to theworld's oldest sporting museum. Bowls, baseball, tennis, archeryand several other sports have been played at Lord's in the past.Lord's is also one of the planned venues for the 2012 SummerOlympics. The archery competition will take place in front of thePavilion.

WembleyStadium (England football team, FA Cup finals, Football League Cupfinals, FA Community Shield, Football League play-offs, andFootball League Trophy) 90,000. Wembley has also been used by theGreat Britain rugby league team, and for major club matches in bothrugby codes. It also hosts one annual regular-sea想知道联合王国英国的体育运动(3)son game of theNational Football League, the major U.S. professional league ofAmerican football. In 2011, it hosted the UEFA Champions LeagueFinal, and will do so again in 2013.

Most of the best stadia inthe United Kingdom were built for national teams, and man学习区块链概念正宗龙头股y seelittle or no use at club level:


In the early 20th centurythe United Kingdom had some of the largest sports facilities in theworld, but the level of comfort and amenities they offered would beconsidered totally unacceptable by modern standards. After a longperiod of decline relative to other developed countries Britishfacilities have made a relative improvement since the 1980s, andthis is ongoing.

Major sportsfacilities

The United Kingdom hasplayed a major role in the devhttp://www.gateioioguanwang.com你知道btccelopment of disability sport. TheParalympic Games originated in the Stoke Mandeville Games, whichwere held at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire in 1948.The Great Britain team does much better in the medal table at theSummer Paralympics than at the Summer Olympics. It has neverfinished outside the top five and has been second several times,including the last three games in 2000, 2004 and 2008. The BBC isan enthusiastic promoter of disability sport. InternationalParalympic Committee president Sir Philip Craven isBritish.

GreatBritainat theParalympics


Winter sports only play aminor role British sporting life because the winters are not coldenough for them to be practised out of doors very much. GreatBritain is not a leading nat听听Unitedion at the Winter Olympics, but has hada few successes in sports such as figure skating, curling and bobskeleton.

After the 2004 SummerOlympics Great Britain was third in the all-time Summer Olympicmedal count (ranked by gold 事实上unitedmedals), although the majority of themedals are accounted for by some very large tallies in the firstfew Olympic Games. British medal tallies for much of the post-warperiod were generally considered disappointing, but the 2000 SummerOlympics marked an upturn and this was sustained at the 2004 SummerOlympics when Great Britain finished tenth in the medal table andthe 2008 where it finished fourth behind only China, USA and Russia. This was seen as a great success, and there was a victory paradethrough the streets of London. The sports in which the British teamhas won most medals in recent Summer Olympics include rowing,sailing, cycling and athletics. London hosted the Summer Olympicsin 1908, 1948 and 2012.

The United Kingdom competesin the Olympics as Great Britain during Olympic competition. TheBritish Olympic Association is responsible for the promotion of theOlympic Movement within the UK and for the selection,虚拟币量化交易 leadershipand management of Great Britain and Northern Ireland at everyOlympic accredited event.

GreatBritainat theOlympics

The United Kingdom alsoplayed a key role in the evolution of three-day eventing andshowjumping. Two of the six annual three-day event competitionsgiven the highest classification by the FEI are British, namely theBadminton Horse Trials and the Burghley Horse Trials. Badmintonattracts crowds of up to a quarter of a million spectators on crosscountry day, which is the largest for any paid-entry sports eventin Britain.

Eventing andshowjumping

The two forms of horseracingin the United Kingdom are National Hunt, which involves jumpingover fences or hurdles, and the more glamourous flat racing.National Hunt is a winter spor听听cex.io怎么样t and flat racing is a summer sport,but the seasons are very long and they overlap. In flat racing thethree races which make up the Triple Crown are the 2,000 Guineas,the Epsom Derby, and the St. Leger Stakes. Other leading flat racesinclude the 1,000 Guineas and the Epsom Oaks. Apart from themeetings at which the aforementioned races are staged, major flatracing meetings include Royal Ascot, Glorious Goodwood, and theEbor Festival at York Racecourse. The highlights of the NationalHunt season are tKingdomhe Cheltenham Festival and the Aintree GrandNational.

Thoroughbred racing, whichoriginated under Charles II of England as the "sport of kings",occupies a key place in British sport, probably ranking in the topfour or five sports in terms of media coverage. There are sixtyracecourses in Great Britain a我不知道联合王国英国的体育运动(3)nd annual racecourse attendanceexceeds six million. The sport in Great Britain is governed by theBritish Horseracing Authority. The two racecourses in NorthernIreland are governed by Horse Racing Ireland, which runs the sporton an All-Ireland basis. The town of Newmarket is considered thecentre of English racing, largely because of the famous NewmarketRacecourse.


Elite level equestriansports

There are many other sportsin which Britons compete, sometimes with success, but which do notreceive much attention outside a small number of aficionados exceptduring major events such as the Olympics and the CommonwealthGames, or when a British athlete does something extraordinary suchas breaking a world record. Examples include judo, gliding, modernpentathlon, figure skating and sailing.

The UK has proved successfulikingdomn the international sporting arena in rowing. It is widelyconsidered that the sport's most successful rower is Steve Redgravewho won five gold medals and one bronze medal at five consecutiveOlympic Games, as well as numerous wins at the World RowingChampionships and Henley Royal Regatta.

Orienteering is now a majorsport in the UK. It is regulated by the Bri英国tish OrienteeringFederation, and Britain generally puts on a very strong show at theWorld Orienteering Championships with Jamie Stevenson, second atWOC in 2006. Yvette Baker is generally considered[by whom?] thebest British orienteer of all time.

Sailing is also a wellregarded sport in the UK. It is governed by the RYA, and there aremany locations in the UK where sailing can take place, both inlandand coastal. Media coverage tends to be low, but if this was to beincreased, some feel that support for the sport wouldincrease.

Darts is another Britishcentred sport with an assured place in the attention of the Britishsporting public. The two rival Darts World Championships have beenheld in the United Kingdom since their inception. Phil Taylor ofStoke has won more World Championships than any otherplayer.

Other sports with loyalfollowings include snooker, which is popular with televisioSportncompanies as it fills their schedules at a very low cost, and alsoattracts good audiences. However, its popularity has waned somewhatsince 1985, when nearly a third of the British populat事实上比特币 密码破解ion watchedthe conclusion of the celebrated Dennis Taylor versus Steve DavisWorld Championship final even though it ended after midnight. Allbut two events on the professional snooker tour in 2007/2008 areplayed in the United Kingdom, and the World Championship has beenplayed at The Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, since 1977. There aremany amateur leagues set up across the country, featuring teammatches between snooker clubs.

Other individualsports

The provision of 50 metrepools in the United Kingdom is very poor for a developed country,with just 22 as of early 2007, only two of which conform to thefull Olympic standard. There are however far more 25 metre shortcourse pools and other sub Olympic-size competition pools. (SeeList o你看比特币 新浪财经股票首页f Olympic size swimming pools in the UnitedKingdom.)

The swimming organizationsof the home countries have recently formed an umbrella organisationcalled British Swimming. Britain sends large teams to all the majorinternati比特币政府打压onal swimming events, and enjoy some successes, but it isnot currently a leading swimming nation. The sport's profile ishighest during the Commonwealth Games, when British swimmers havetheir best chance to win gold medals, and during theOlympics.


Since 2000 the BritishSuperbike Championship has become increasingly popular, surpassingits four-wheeled rivals in terms of spectator receipts andtelevision coverage[citation needed]. Britain hosts one round ofthe MotoGP championship at Donington Park, and usually two roundsof the Superbike World Championship, at Silverstone and BrandsHatch. In 2007 a third Superbike World Championship round was addedat Donington Park. In 2008 Silverstone was dropped; Brands Hatchand Donington Park were the venues used for the two rounds thattook place in the UK that year, though in 2009 and 2010 inonly asingle round will be held, at Silverstone, after the seriesorganisers and the circuit owners of Brands Hatch failed to reach acommercial agreement on staging the event.

British drivers haveachieved success in the World Rally Championship with the lateColin McRae and the late Richard Burns winning the title. TheBritish leg of the competition is the Rally G挖比特币是什么意思reat Britain. DerekBell is a five-time 24 Hours of Le Mans winner and one-time winnerof the 1000 km Silverstone, the major endurance race of thecountry, formerly part of the World Sportscar Championship andcurrently part of the Le Mans Series and Intercontinental Le MansCup.

The UK hosted the very firstF1 Grand Prix in 1950 at Silverstone, the current location of theBritish Gr听听Kingdomand Prix held each year in July. The country also hostslegs of the World Rally Championship and has its own touring carracing championship, the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC),and the British Formula Three Championship.

Britain is the centre ofFormula One, with the majority of the Formula One teams based inEngland, and more world titles won by drivers from Britain thanfrom any other country, including Mike Hawthorn; Graham Hill(twice); Jim Clark (twice); John Surtees, also a world champion inmotorcycling; Jackie Stewart (three times); James Hunt; NigelMans你看btccell; Graham Hill's son, Damon Hill; Lewis Hamilton; and JensonButton. The British Grand Prix takes place at Silverstone eachJune/July.


GreatBritainhas won the Davis Cup nine times, but all ofthem were before World War II and there is no prospect of 你看央行 比特币暴跌anothervictory in the foreseeable future. The Great Britain women's teammade the final of the Fed Cup four times, losing all four, buttheir last finals appearance was in 1981 when the competition wasknown as the Federation Cup, and the women's prospects for futurevictory are even more dim than those of Britain's men. Neither themen's nor women's team are currently in a position to actuallycompete for their respective cups. Both teams are currently inGroup I of the Europe/Africa Zone in their respective tournaments.However, because the Davis Cup has only one 16-team World Groupwhile the Fed Cup has two World Groups, with only the eight tsporteamsin World Group I actually competing for that trophy, the men areone promotion away from competing for the Davis Cup while the womenare two promotions away from competing for the FedCup.

Tennis is yet another sportwhich originated in the United Kingdom, first originating in thecity of Birmingham between 1859 and 1865. However, it has notflourished there in recent decades: its profile is highly dependenton the Wimbledon Championships, the most prestigious event of theglobal tennis calendar. However, no British man has won Wimbledonsince1936 and no British woman since 1977. The governing body ofthe sport is the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), which invests thevast profits from the tournament in the game in the hope ofproducing British champions, but a string of revamps of thecoaching system have failed to raise the standard of LTA-trainedplayers. The only British players of either sex to reach the worldtop 50 in recent years are Greg Rusedski, who learnt his tennis inCanada, and Tim Henman and Andy Murray, who did not pass throughthe LTA system either, and on the women's side Anne Keothavong andElena Baltacha have both just slipped into the worlds top 50 withhighest rankings of 48 and 49 respectively. Outside of Wimbledonfortnight tennis's profile in Britain is low, and since the 2007retirement of Rusedski and Henman is now largely dependent onMurray.


Sport in the United Kingdom事实上btcc联合王国/英国的体育运动(3)


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